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Nearly ready to run, should have a battery jumper plug (included) installed due to adding the electric pump, and a good look over since it has been sitting for 9 months. Mark I see how someone unfamiliar with the class and rules might coin that phase. You are probably thinking of a sports racer or closed wheel car, probably one at the lowest weight break and smallest motor sizes.

The most enjoyable car I have ever autocrossed but I only had it out 1 time last year so time to let it go to someone else. The sports racers don't necessarily have to have a motorcycle engine.

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The wings on it now are better than a road race set, but don't look like they even took full advantage of the rules back when they were built. There are motorcycle, automotive, and snowmobile 2-stroke engines allowed where the displacement of the engine for the different type of motor are tied to each weight break. May use any 2-stroke up to 1300 cc, Mazda 12A rotary with any porting and any carburetion. May use any naturally-aspirated engine up to 3000 cc. Here are a few other photos with some of the body work off the car.

There have been updates to BM aero rules for both sports racer and formula cars in the last few years for equality, so there is potential left to be had in this car. The spec racer BM cars are weak in their suspension area; this is a great combination. The aero rules are slightly different for open wheel vs sports racer as well as size (the wider the vehicle, the more aero size allowed). May use fuel injection without weight penalty as required by the GCR. The car weighs approx 1100 pounds and i am guessing on the horsepower at 230 but honestly dont know for sure.

Thanks Rich Rich, I am short at 5"5" but my friend drives the car he is 5'9 or 5"10" and weighs 210 and fits fine, not sure of his exact measurements I'll update as I am the other driver.

I am 6 ft tall and weigh in at 210 -215 and it fits me fine.

If you want greater control then a custom map might be a better fit for you.

You have to handle creating the markers and crossfiltering.

Hewland Mk9 with low fixed 1st gear, annular slave, recently revised the cooling system with an electric water pump and got rid of the external super vee pump.

Penske shocks, wider suspension and wheels and tires, recent slicks.

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