christian online dating fish - Younger dating formula

Similarly, if you're getting attached and she's planning on moving to Japan for six months, you should probably have a super-fun and not-at-all-awkward conversation about “where you see this going”.

Other supposed reasons why an older woman and a younger man should not date include the outrageous belief that she would ‘use your glory,’ and that people would perceive you as a gold digger.

But here’s the thing: a woman [or man] does not have to be older than you to be disrespectful.

You do not have to thread a well-used path to happiness. So far you arrive at a happy place, you’ll be good.

Webcomic xkcd confirms my earlier post as to this formula.

And if it is a woman who is older, say between 10-15 years or above, you can be fine if you have an understanding and devise a working formula for the relationship.

Really, when there’s a will, there’ll always be a way.

Some men with the conventional younger wives will tell you this.

ALSO READ: Also, dating a woman who is about five years older puts you both in the same peer group and likely to connect on a similar wavelength.

Older men, it seems to me, are like gold dust on the dating scene right now.

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