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You’ve been on this earth for longer, remember, and you should have learnt by now that you deserve someone who is more impressed by the size of your heart than your wallet.

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So whatever the problem is, if two people love each other they’ll find a way around it. The idea that an obvious chemistry, undeniable compatibility and blossoming relationship should be hacked down just because of age is just absurd.

Holding a view that a woman should not date a younger man falls squarely in the region of archaic, outdated and unneeded traditional views – such as a woman should , an African man should never be found in the kitchen, etc - that no longer have a place in a modern society.

Take Kemi [not her real name] for example;“I just clocked 25 this February and my boyfriend will be 25 by October this year.

I already have cleared my mind over our age difference but he came to visit and when he left my mum asked if I’m not older than him, which I denied. She’s three years older than her boyfriend who loves her and ticks all the important compatibility boxes for her but she’s perplexed because the relationship seems doomed to fail for nothing but their differing times of birth.

Thriving relationships excel on foundations of trust, being considerate and sensitive, care, genuine affection, love, sexual compatibility, shared values, , who have an age difference of 10 years between them and have remained together since 2005.

That is actually amazing a feat, given the apparent dislike for their kind of unconventional marriage.

It's courteous for both sides to be aware of the reality of the situation, and remember there’s a difference between generosity and showing off.

Don’t let her take advantage of you …Unless you want her to - which is fine, but only if you have expectations of a very short relationship.

To put their success in context, I'll leave you to think of all the marriages that have failed before the 5-year mark despite the man being older than the woman.

Obviously, this shows that no one can tell you where to find your happiness, and you should never allow them force their idea of perfection on you.

Older men, it seems to me, are like gold dust on the dating scene right now.

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