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“Walk-in clinics, orphan patient clinics are not the answer -- but they’re better than nothing, and that’s all I can do.I can do better than nothing.” Local recruiting Both Drs.In 1982, Phil Star joined the fold and for a number of years, the firm was known as Pink Nickerson Star.

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“I’ve spent 10 hours one time waiting for a renewal of a prescription and eight hours for another time waiting for a prescription when we were out of doctors,” he said.

Shelagh Leahey, who has been practicing medicine in the oceanfront town for 42 years, told CTV Atlantic. Leahey has been caring for an increasing number of so-called orphan patients -- people who do not have a family physician of their own. Another affected patient is Dermot O’Sullivan, who recently found himself without a family doctor for the fifth time in 15 years.

“(You want to) maintain a quality of care for your patients…

ensuring that you don’t go home at night thinking, ‘Ah, I forgot to do that,’ or, ‘I wished I did that,’” he said.

Leahey and Gillis say the Nova Scotia Health Authority needs to allow local communities more power when it comes to recruiting doctors. And we need to be recruiting them ourselves,” said Dr. She says she wrote a letter before the last provincial election on the issue. You cannot have a recruiter for the zone who will say, ‘I’ll take care of everybody’s needs,’ it’s not possible for one person to do that,” she said.

“When we can explain to the person who’s interested in Yarmouth what we have to offer and the variety of things they can do – it’s a pretty compelling offer.” Dr. “Me and two others were recruited from outside of Yarmouth. “In fact the person who recruited me heard that I was dating somebody from Yarmouth and within two or three months of dating her she was seeing if I would come to Yarmouth to work. Here I am.” He says it used to be that way – and believes the province would see more results if it allowed communities some responsibility when it comes to recruiting. “I’m supposed to have checkups on my kidney and blood work,” she said from Dr. “In order to do that, I have to go into emergency, sit there four to six hours just to get a referral.” Thankfully, Hendsbee has found Dr.Family doctors in the area say they are losing colleagues because of intense workloads. Joe Gillis, O’Sullivan’s physician may have found a way to strike a better work-life balance.They set up a small fishing settlement known as "Tebouque" in the mid 17th century and by 1750 the population was 50 people.During the Seven Years' War, New England Planters settled at what is now the town of Yarmouth in 1759; the grantees were from Yarmouth, Massachusetts and they requested that Yarmouth be named after their former home.Gillis said, explaining the workload of a Yarmouth GP. Gillis says he knows that he’s a family doctor at heart.

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