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“I do family practice, I do obstetrics, deliver babies, I do prenatal care, I do some ER shifts, four to six hour shifts…

“Walk-in clinics, orphan patient clinics are not the answer -- but they’re better than nothing, and that’s all I can do.

I can do better than nothing.” Local recruiting Both Drs.

Long connected to fishing due to its proximity to Georges Bank, the town is located in the heart of the world's largest lobster fishing grounds and as a result receives Canada's largest lobster landings each year.

The region may have possibly been visited by Leif Ericson.

An object known as the Yarmouth Runic Stone was found at the nearby village of Overton in 1812.

It was interpreted by some to have been carved by Ericson, while others feel the markings are natural scratches gradually enhanced over the years.

In 1982, Phil Star joined the fold and for a number of years, the firm was known as Pink Nickerson Star.

In 2004, Andrew Nickerson left the firm to form Nickerson Jacquard, making way for more change to the firm’s make up and Pink Star Barro was formed.

“I’ve spent 10 hours one time waiting for a renewal of a prescription and eight hours for another time waiting for a prescription when we were out of doctors,” he said.

Shelagh Leahey, who has been practicing medicine in the oceanfront town for 42 years, told CTV Atlantic. Leahey has been caring for an increasing number of so-called orphan patients -- people who do not have a family physician of their own. Another affected patient is Dermot O’Sullivan, who recently found himself without a family doctor for the fifth time in 15 years.

Pink Star Barro is one of Southwest Nova Scotia’s most established law firms with a history dating back to 1981.

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