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These services are to be offered as an integrated program; however, the various components may be delivered through different sources.(4) Daily activities which include individual and group program components and treatment services prescribed for the individual child.

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(J) "Course" means the provision of an educational course of instruction or classroom program.

(K) "Day care services for adults" means:(1) Services or activities provided to adults who require care and supervision in a protective setting for a portion of a twenty-four hour day.

(H) "Consultation" means the provision of treatment by a psychiatrist or psychologist in day and residential treatment for children or a medical consultation provided by a health professional other than a physician, provided that the provider is certified as a Title XIX (medicaid program) provider.

(I) "Counseling services" means services or activities that apply therapeutic processes to personal, family, situational, or occupational problems in order to bring about a positive resolution of the problem or improved individual or family functioning or circumstances; and problem areas which may include family and marital relationships, parent-child problems, or drug abuse.

(2) Services which may include instruction or training in, but are not limited to, such issues as consumer education, health education, community protection and safety education, literacy education, English as a second language, and general educational development (GED).

(3) Component services or activities which may include screening; assessment and testing; individual or group instruction; tutoring; provision of books, supplies, and instructional material; counseling; transportation; and referral to community resources.

(Q) "Family planning services" means:(1) Educational, comprehensive, medical, or social services or activities which enable individuals, including minors, to determine freely the number and spacing of their children and to select the means by which this may be achieved.

(2) Services and activities which include a broad range of acceptable and effective methods and services to limit or enhance fertility, including contraceptive methods (including natural family planning and abstinence), and the management of infertility (including referral to adoption services).

(B) "Arrangement only" means the time spent by CDJFS staff making collateral contacts (face to face, telephone, or written) necessary to enable an eligible individual to receive services as contained in the current county profile.

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