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While these children may be able to live at home or in substitute care, their needs are such that their daily activities must be a part of a treatment environment.(2) Services for children which involve specialized clinical services required for diagnosis, treatment, and consultation in providing help for pathological conditions; personality services, as distinguished from other parts of the programs; and provided by staff with professional or technical training for helping the child and parents (or caretakers with whom the child is living) directly through such activities as the prescribing of drugs for individuals and families, art and music therapy.(b) Any activities related to the provision of Ohio works first (OWF).

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(D) "Child care services for children (including infants, pre-schoolers, school age children and individuals under age eighteen with special needs or in need of protective child care)" means:(1) Services or activities provided in a setting that meets applicable standards of state and local law, in a center or in a home, for a portion of a twenty-four hour day.

(2) Component services or activities which may include a comprehensive and coordinated set of appropriate developmental activities for children, recreation, meals, and snacks, transportation, health support services, social services counseling for a parent(s), plan development, and licensing and monitoring of child care homes and facilities.

(C) "Case management services" means:(1) Services or activities for the arrangement, coordination, and monitoring of services to meet the needs of individuals and families.

(2) Component services and activities which may include individual service plan development, counseling, monitoring, developing, procuring, and coordinating services; monitoring and evaluating client progress; and assuring that clients' rights are protected.

These must be coordinated and integrated into an individual goal directed treatment plan for the child.

The plan must delineate a predictable, measurable impact on the child's problem.

(Q) "Family planning services" means:(1) Educational, comprehensive, medical, or social services or activities which enable individuals, including minors, to determine freely the number and spacing of their children and to select the means by which this may be achieved.

(2) Services and activities which include a broad range of acceptable and effective methods and services to limit or enhance fertility, including contraceptive methods (including natural family planning and abstinence), and the management of infertility (including referral to adoption services).

Assessment of the progress of this plan (a formal staffing for all necessary parties to review goal attainment and to arrive at a decision of continuing the plan, revising the plan, or terminating the placement) must be completed every six months for the total period of treatment.

(5) Day treatment services for children are not available for federal financial participation and therefore unallowable for:(a) Educational services which residents of Ohio usually receive free from a public agency unless they are provided as integral but subordinate to the provision of this service.

(B) "Arrangement only" means the time spent by CDJFS staff making collateral contacts (face to face, telephone, or written) necessary to enable an eligible individual to receive services as contained in the current county profile.

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