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A persistent control panel lets you browse all this content without interrupting the music.

The Slacker Stations tab lets you pick from 300 stations DJ’d be real people.

That means it doesn’t need exponential growth to be successful, but it wants to be bigger than it is today.

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Premium users can customize their sports news in a stunningly granular way.

Say you only care about NCAA football, you can pick and choose what sports, leagues, and teams you want to hear about thanks to ESPN.

Discovery is critical when you have the world’s music library at your fingertips — 13 million songs from all the major labels and over 1000 indies in Slacker’s case.

It’s something Spotify and others haven’t quite figured out yet, so it’s a huge opportunity for Slacker.

It wants to claw mainstream users away from competitors with a “complete music service”. Despite starting in 2006 and offering a winning combo of customizable radio, on-demand streaming, and human DJ’d stations, it’s way behind the pack.

Spotify recently hit 20 million users and 5 million paying customers (1 million paying in the U.We have taken it and they saw it with no signal for 2 hours then said they would have to call someone at “GM”. Then we finally get it back this week to them and they say everything is fine (Trip NUMBER 4!!!) That day it must have been ok but the next day, off and on again.Each day Slacker Music Guide offers seven highlights from its catalog, including artists of the week, playlists, music news, and deep dives into events like the Grammys.You can instantly start playing music from these features, or click through for exclusive video interviews, concert clips, and bios.I don’t know either; I would think it was built-in.

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