Xkcd statistics dating pool 100 dating site in usa old dating site

That is, however, a fairly common mistake, so its best to look for hints to determine the actual meaning.

Classic self-centeredness, merely masquerading as a gender issue.

On the flip side, if you take them to be assuming that there's actually a discrepancy in dateability across gender - i.e.

True, but they wouldn't be part of the dating pool and wouldn't actually be competition, so their existence doesn't hurt the chances of the rest of the women.

Also, if they're really undateable (and I think the idea is bogus, but the article seems to take it for granted) they wouldn't have better chances in a 50-50 setting anyway.

"that other 10 percent" is a full 25% of the male population at the school.

But clearly by saying 10% is makes it look like such a tiny number so there MUST be a huge problem =/ said that 10% of the 20% were taken and the other 10% weren't, so you can use that to figure out that all percentages are relative to the entire student population.I know, we did differential equations in the last year of sixthform (equvialent to senior year of HS); and again (along with partial differential equations) in my first semester "Maths for Chemistry" course... I also did differential equations and partial differential equations at high school.Also, anyone who completed high school would have done calculus where I live, as it was part of the curriculum before you had the option of dropping maths entirely.I majored in physics, and at school I had higher scores in English than all of the artsy types who wanted to be journalists.Shockingly, it turns out that intelligence and good study habits are useful in more than one field.The two courses were very, very different, with the second mostly focusing on systems of linear equations.

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