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.95 tax downtown or UTC/34.95 tax Tavern regular .95 tax downtown or UTC/33.95 tax Tavern Military (Active or veterans & family members-Must bring ID) Chattanooga Ghost Tours ghost hunts feature the latest in paranormal investigation equipment.

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It has been observed that entities can manipulate temperature when attempting to manifest themselves or interact with us.

We can not say if this is a conscious interaction or merely an effect of their manifestation.

We also will implement K-II meters in order to experiment with the plausibility of communicating with spirit anomalies.

The electromagnetic field plays a vital role in the detection of paranormal activity.

(Please note that, in order to protect the property, no high heels are allowed in the home.) Locations for particular dates will be set out below as well as on your confirmation email.

This hunt is designed for adults that want to use the ULTIMATE in ghost hunting equipment, pieces that are not usually accessible to individuals. Check our video from our first trial of the SLS Ghost Mapping/Visualization system, made in room 311 of the Read House Hotel.

The Ovilus X works with the principle of EMF detection while including a word-bank of over 2000 words.

This gives us the opportunity to experiment with communicating with spirits in more direct means.

Venture into the historic Citizens Cemetery, Chattanooga’s oldest graveyard, where founding fathers and those who shaped our city now rest- and play. A photo of the exact start location will be included in your confirmation email.

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