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That's a dead giveaway you've scored a shark tooth. Good places to start are at the waterline, where the waves can help reveal the teeth, or by inspecting or sifting through a pile of shells.A tooth may also have an intact root, which tends to be less shiny than the blade. Keep in mind, the size of the teeth you can find is usually similar to the size of surrounding debris.

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I live in Myrtle Beach, so every time I go to the shore I look for teeth.

At this beach, most of the teeth are black because of the chemical composition of the sediment offshore.

Of course, there's always a chance you'll find a white shark tooth, but these are much harder to see against shells and sand.

If you've never looked for shark teeth before, start out looking for black pointy objects.

If the teeth are black, there will also be some black shell fragments that resemble shark teeth, How do you know if it's a shell or a tooth? Even though a tooth may be millions of years old, it will still look glossy in the light.

A shell, on the other hand, will show ripples from its growth and maybe some iridescence.

While it's possible to find a giant Megalodon tooth in the sand, large teeth like this are most often found near similar-sized rocks or shells.

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