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Here are the details they shared: CSN Washington also says rumors are flying that the two are romantically together.Now all of a sudden an Instagram post by Wozniacki makes a little more sense.

With the Apple I design, he and Jobs were largely working to impress other members of the Palo Alto-based Homebrew Computer Club, a local group of electronics hobbyists interested in computing.

The Club was one of several key centers which established the home hobbyist era, essentially creating the microcomputer industry over the next few decades.

Wozniak, at first skeptical, was later convinced by Jobs that even if they were not successful they could at least say to their grandkids they had had their own company.

Together they sold some of their possessions (such as Wozniak's HP scientific calculator and Jobs' Volkswagen van), raised $1,300, and assembled the first boards in Jobs' bedroom and later (when there was no space left) in Jobs' garage.

He alone designed the hardware, circuit board designs, and operating system for the Apple I.

Jobs had the idea to sell the Apple I as a fully assembled printed circuit board.

She and Kerrigan are also now following each other on Twitter.

Steve Wozniak was born in San Jose, California, the son of Margaret Elaine (Kern) and Jacob Francis "Jerry" Wozniak. His father was from Bukovyna, Ukraine (Poland at the time) and his mother from German-Swiss background. The name on Wozniak's birth certificate is "Stephan Gary Wozniak", but Steve's mother said that she intended it to be spelled "Stephen", and "Steve" is what he uses.

In 1973, Jobs was working for arcade game company Atari, Inc. He was assigned to create a circuit board for the arcade video game Breakout.

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