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Click here to Visit SOHH (Support Online Hip Hop) is a top hip-hop news website.

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UGHH was started as a genre DJ sets from which Hip Hop was born.

It brings a dynamic perspective to high-quality Hip Hop artistry by transforming the upcoming & the established artists including the trendy & the classic and all of the diversity that defines the global culture of Hip Hop.

All the content you can expect including Exclusives, Lists, Music and Breaking News.

Vlad TV is the worldwide leader in exclusive interviews and breaking the urban news.

balances itself as both a humor site as well a hip-hop site, and it is doing great, unlike most sites who have descended into distasteful blaxploitation and senseless humor.

Click here to Visit XXL is an American hip hop magazine, founded in 1997.

While having the same feel as other websites in this genre.

It offers a great UI and feels which makes it more interesting to enjoy Hip-hop on this website.

ELHH can keep you up to date with the latest Hip Hop news.

It brings to you the latest and hottest substance hip-hop music has to offer an abundance of restricted, hot new track and videos are in the making for you on a daily basis. Click here to Visit With Vladtv you can get the latest urban news, interviews, and videos as they break.

Videos of the sites are viral for many violent events.

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