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The program covers all aspects of e-business solution development, from website creation to database design and gnancial system integration. 95 NOIWurk Surge Aneot 7/7 Dudeta With Tel ............... / • 8 Inlel p RAMdopm IM Lsxmark Dplra 6310 Bppm2MB..

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Putt me program: Starts September Part4me program: Starts November I. Office Specialist Program™ This 3 month, full-time program is designed to help you acquire the computer skills necessary to secure gainful employment in a computerized ollice setbng.

You will become an advanced user of Mioosolt Otflce and develop a marketable skill set that indudes website design, computer maintenance and network support. vhg CMVA(kmdmr' I/' P s f 'c', M22(% ~ nden ~ t 8 pon Hub 3 2 , 5380 0/614030 S CIMM ~ ~ II P SH ton M 12 P .......

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Mimnlt Worh Ssde 2000wni INoney 2000 • • DIMSNSION XPS T4r • hhl pan6um BIPnxesor S 850MHz • 12NNBSDRAMMemay (up to 76MUP) 30GB' tera AIAHard Dm s (up bi 40CB") • 17" BIO IN onhr (Ko" vis) 32MSIOBDIAINQ M64AGPGuyline • QX Max Vbriabh NNOM Orhe • undltash Uvd SI2VS eal 5ound • Alee lsshg AC5.340Speakes u MI Subwooie • Kam IO/So Bhemel Cant • INimsdt hhmet Kelboani Deg BRan • Miaasolt Wedure 98 5emnd Bfi6on • INimsab Works Suh Tarnw MIMmer 200O • latel Panbum BI Pmmsor d 800MHz • 3Ybe Iknited Warranty sill I Year Nmt Bushes Day On.

When you Jind thefi» you want to change (/PEG, for example) hit the Edit button, which will rake you to another screen.

Hi( the Edit button on thar screen, ond make the necess ary changes ro the"application used to perform action" line.

Qe Senice' Add 9' • 3Ibe Noa hshes Dar On-Qe Senioe' Add 9' 12XMls Variable DVO-ROMDrive Ordmose Dots musg adtp Ohnesion XPS8 swiss.

Degbas Idt aahiag ad af nis systemlbe badlmae ofgm staten/a pehwaamnis ih hhl Penhn R pwussnssupln ai aslmmnag 1GIN Add ' O INSNSION Xto $ 4 r • bael Penbum18Pnxese at 06NNHz (up In IGItr) • 128MBRDRAMMessy (up In512MIP) • 20GB' Ulba AIA Hard Dms (up lo 75CB") • 0" E770Monhr (16.0" vis.) and ann(pert RDRAMtnchnoh M Pyourfrml bafwmrrsgh Sagmsssion APS6r mm De 4$or's Cbaica Aswrd mes m Ibe Aaae 2NM amos of PCNapmhn DIM SNS ION Xto 3 r lbe XPSBamiesdm mmesleadedwih hntnusiv e Ind dri vesraoonghmn 20CIP h 75CSClhs 9'vos Tao aa of Oeshnge mpaaly Tn needfm new~ Ow Miss Amgo,deihl phias aaddgihl vhtah tbupsa foraomoiron/s mu Orneh PC Nst wn rerpmecdm bsd DINMISION XPS 00r • Iriel Penlum III Process at I GHz • kud Pedes III Pnxessor at 933MHI (ups IGHP) • QOMB RDRAMMemory (up to 512IUP) • 128MSRDRAMbl arney(ups 512INP) • 40GB' Ugra ATAHard Dmn(up h 75CB") •40GS' Uha AIA Haul Dms (uph 75GB") • 19r P991FDTrinibon" Monitor (Ia.o e vis.) •64MB DDR NVIDIAge FORCE Phs • 19»M990INonha (is,) • 37MB NNDIA TNI2 M64 4XAGPGra Plie .32MB NNIXA TNT2 1864 4XAGP Graphks 4X ACPGaphks Card . I was disappointed to see that it was only a 30-day evaluation, but I decide to download it anyway and havea htok at it, since the only paint program I had running was Microsoft Paint. I then decided to n i nstall the program, which in itsdf is no big task Then when I went to work on my Web page I found that all of my JPEGs and GIFs were changed to accept Paint Shop Pm only even after I ninstalled the program. I have done nothing but think about what mistakes I may have made by downloading this program, it is driving me to an ulcer.

For example, I frequently take pictures of laboratory equipment. XI W I M S Pud hasy Hub Xf HP ofodv ln «d fso MN ammdobmn — 544M - 4 0 ----- -$ 2 PD Psiosnn(nm/fokfr Mdpksrppmadmxw """"SMN setto N 0 m SM/Toow rbadmshmk-"" • """'"" C e l 3fscomsct570I W TP0 16 0 1 ~ A ~ 9 Okmk OSH s cud SMM IWIMspud HMW/SMd, $ 9 9 CHP4500 ~M OCPERN2400/32MB---- M ~ M ~ —.------ - - $ 2 5 4 fbkuw DSH40ualspeedf WIMgpoddubw/Swnch. 81 speedl0/10016Porl Hub/Switch 5 2 8 8 Scom SC1671 0 ~ 8/TP M .....,...........---.—.

For this purpose I have createda speaal script to set up the cameraand capture the image. One can take this devdopment a step further and create interactive userprograms to setup,orcapture imays.

The l' =, A Publication C anada's Compu t e r s informati o n ' Source n MAINLAND) AUGUs T 20lx F vorb READUSONTIIE WED — I 4 C 0 a al 4 7I $ 0.

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