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Methamphetamine is in the most serious drug class in Indonesia which has some of the stiffest penalties for trafficking in the world.

Airport customs chief Budi Harjanto said de Malmanche could face the death penalty if convicted.

After twenty minutes of ‘you are so beautiful’ and ‘you are my most favorite surfer girl ever’, my instructor laid a big smooch on my cheek. ” I didn’t feel threatened, since I am larger than most Balinese men, but his persistence was hilariously irritating.

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Women are also not allowed in temples when they are menstruating.

More independent, freer, looser and more active are all descriptions I received when I asked several locals about how they perceive foreign women.

Australian, European and American women are perceived as more liberal, while Asian women are perceived as more traditional.

People were usually really confused when I told them that I am from the United States.

At the BIMC International Hospital it is possible make an appointment with a specialist.

Kim Patra is well known Australian gynecologist who is located in Sanur at the Community Health Care Bali. As a foreigner you are more likely to be stared at if breastfeeding uncovered.

Balinese women tend to be very modest and reserved.

Indonesians are not confrontational and are very passive.

Tourist areas are more open and there are a few gay bars in Seminyak, which are amazing.

Outside of the tourist hub, acceptance of LGBTQ people diminishes and becomes significantly more taboo.

If a couple gets divorced, the father or the father’s family gets the children.

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