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The Whitest Kids U' Know - Season 3 Episodes 3 & 4 (full).


The show opened with two group members playing Paul and Dennis, blind comics, who fall off the stage within five minutes.

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But that doesn't begin to capture the comedic style of the five young guys who are, indeed, very white and whose material is often very blue.

There was a bit, involving audience volunteers, about two rival monster-truck rally drivers at a party that was only PG-rated: It included bad language and simulated mayhem as the two drivers threw furniture around the stage and mowed down the audience members like traffic cones in an arena.

Drunk Texts to Myself (Video short) (performer: "Founding Fathers Rap", "The Pope Rap (Modern Day Profit)", "What About Mouthwash?

") / (writer: "Founding Fathers Rap", "The Pope Rap (Modern Day Profit)", "What About Mouthwash?

is an American comedian, actor, voice actor, producer, and writer.

He is known for his work on Saturday Night Live (2005–2013), for which he has received three Emmy nominations, South Park (2009–present), and his parody series Documentary Now! He created and starred in the HBO series Barry, which began airing in March 2018.The sketch was filmed one of the last days of filming for season one. He likes to draw pictures of he and Kimberly fingerblasting.Trevor's character is a stuntman who lives in a breakaway apartment. This sketch is the origin of street fingerblasting.The video quality was pretty raw, but, then again, so were the jokes. VERY AWKWARD DATE WITH A CAM GIRL - Date with Text to Speech. Those who've seen the group's show on IFC (whose third season launches next week) welcomed the arrival of Abraham Lincoln on Thursday night in a wacky reimagining of a certain night at Ford's Theatre.

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