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Google’s test framework allows you to test user interface (UI) of your native Android apps on one or more devices. Another downside of uiautomator is that it doesn’t support webview, with no way to directly access Android objects.// Public void for the operation public void test Sign In And Tweet() throws Exception { // Starting application: get Ui Device()Up(); // Press Home button to ensure we're on homescreen get Ui Device().press Home(); // Select ' Apps' and click button new Ui Object(new Ui Selector().description("Apps")).click(); // Select ' Twitter' and click new Ui Object(new Ui Selector().text("Twitter")).click(); // Locate and select ' Sign in' Ui Selector sign In = new Ui Selector().text("Sign In"); // If button is available, click Ui Object sign In Button = new Ui Object(sign In); if (sign In Button.exists()) new Ui Object(new Ui Selector().description("New tweet")).click(); // Typing text for a tweet new Ui Object(new Ui Selector().class Name("android.widget. You can quickly write concise and reliable Android UI tests with it.

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Also the emergence of different Android testing frameworks has substantially eased Android developers’ lives.

Today we are going to behold 5 most used Android testing frameworks and break down the basics and code examples of each. Undoubted, was once the most widely used Android testing framework in the early days of Android world.

For your convenience, Testdroid Recorder is an awesome recording tool built with Robotium for test script creation.

By performing actual actions on your real device, it records every step or action you take and converts to Javascript for your further modification.

It also provides five different classes for developers to use, includingcom.android. It’s quite reliable, synchronizing with the UI thread and fast because there is no need for any sleeps (tests run on same millisecond when an app becomes idle). Check for more information or alternatively see the demo of at Testdroid Cloud.

is a cross-platform test automation framework for Android and i OS native and hybrid applications.

Java, Objective-C, Java Script, PHP, Ruby, Python or C#, etc), freedom from having to select tools, compatibility across the most important platforms (Android and i OS), freedom from having to install and configure devices to test and more.

Also if you are familiar with Selenium, then it’s easy for you to use Appium in mobile app testing.

") # press the Send button driver.find_elements_by_name(' Send')[0].click() # exit driver.quit()Here we have listed top 5 testing frameworks for your daily Android builds, creation, and correction. Appium is good in testing both your Android and i OS versions at the same time.

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