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With a similarity with Selenium in Android, it makes testing API simpler.Robotium is an open source library extending JUnit with plenty of useful methods for Android UI testing.

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Calabash’s easy-to-understand syntax enables even non-technical people to create and execute automated acceptance tests for apps on both of these mobile platforms.

Calabash’s tests are described in Cucumber and then converted to Robotium or Frank in run time.

For your convenience, Testdroid Recorder is an awesome recording tool built with Robotium for test script creation.

By performing actual actions on your real device, it records every step or action you take and converts to Javascript for your further modification.

It uses internally to interact with i OS and Android apps using .

It supports Android via uiautomator (API level 16 or higher) and Seledroid (API level lower than 16), i OS via UI Automation, and mobile web as Selenium driver for Android and i OS. One of the biggest advantages of Appium is that you can write your Appium scripts on almost any programming language (e.g.It also provides five different classes for developers to use, It’s quite reliable, synchronizing with the UI thread and fast because there is no need for any sleeps (tests run on same millisecond when an app becomes idle). Check for more information or alternatively see the demo of at Testdroid a cross-platform test automation framework for Android and i OS native and hybrid applications.The framework was initially developed at and it is nowadays sponsored by .With an Android Wear smartwatch you can read and respond to messages, even when your phone isn’t with you.Also the emergence of different Android testing frameworks has substantially eased Android developers’ lives.

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