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What was the first song you remember hearing that, to this day, you remember as being pivotal to the direction your life would take?

Is there any semblance of an autobiographical theme to the comic?

I feel like this is the first time we’ve had to look at post-apocalyptic stuff and realize that could actually happen. Were you inspired by anything (read as: everything) messed up that’s going on in the world now? The main character is pretty much me in another body, same hair though!

To be a woman in charge of so much of her career — especially so, in the music business — is just one thing that makes Lights one hell of an inspirational woman. Skin & Earth was an artistic concept that would mix a series of comic books with a brand new album.

Each video linked to the comic book — and to each other, by extension — out of Skin & Earth came a brand new world teeming with possibilities for the future.

Tell us how you got into actually singing and playing music. I learned three chords and that night wrote my first song.

Are there any tools or equipment you absolutely swear by for recording demos?(Spoiler: a mathematician is needed) You’ve been at this gig for over a decade now, and your momentum just keeps —rightfully, I might add! I’d love to start off with you when you were younger; at the very beginning of your story. I always feel like different people take their first introduction to music in a different way, like there are listeners and then there are listeners-italicised; those who live, breathe and sleep it. Music has been part of my life from day one, my dad was a musician and always made sure it was part of our daily lives whether we were listening to his records, singing along to him on the acoustic or blasting it in the car on the way to wherever we were going.He even let us write songs with him and recorded us singing so we could hear ourselves back.If you’re lucky enough to be in a location where you can see them, now the time to see the Northern Lights.This Northern Lights, on the other hand, refers to Ontario-native alt-pop sensation Lights (born Valerie Anne Poxleitner), and this Lights, is an artist you can see on her upcoming tour in a state (or province) near you. Lights has been churning out hits since the noughties.While writing the songs, ideas came that inspired the deeper details of the story, and then visuals of the story would contribute to the lyrics and mood of the songs, so it was a very symbiotic creative experience building the two at the same time.

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