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Corrigan’s mom told FOX4 she knew where to find Aikman and hand delivered a letter from Corrigan asking for Aikman’s help.

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Rhonda, on the other hand, has been in trouble since her divorce, having been arrested for a DUI, but somehow still avoiding jail time.

It doesn’t show much of a commitment to her daughters if she behaves this recklessly.

He spent his entire career with the Cowboys, winning three Super Bowls with the team.

By all accounts, the two decided to lead a fairly private life, not one that was much talked about even though Troy has always been quite a public figure.

Whilst he had to end his NFL career, he was still very much involved in the sport, working as a lead announcer for Fox’s NFC telecast.

Whatever Troy does, he seems to do it successfully, at least where his career is concerned.With the plan in motion, Corrigan needed to make sure of one more thing: Would Lucia know who Aikman is?So Corrigan made a set of Cowboys flash cards for the teen, telling her to study the set for a to-be-revealed reason.Over the next four years, I heard the rumor from two more police officers who worked around the team (and I know they mentioned it to team officials).One officer told me Aikman ‘was supposed to be’ having a relationship with a male member of a country-western band.” Lucia said "Yes.” “I opened the door and here he is with this giant flag of a poster asking me to homecoming,” Lucia said. I already couldn’t speak, and then I turned slightly to my left – there’s Troy Aikman!

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