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Clotilde, Paris (falsely claiming they were related), drew up genealogies giving the survival of the line of Dagobert II on 18 March 1939.

Philippe de Chérisey, Plantard's friend and accomplice, later claimed that Abbé Pichon was the pseudonym of François Dron (a completely different historical person who was a numismatist).

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According to a police report on the Alpha Galates dated 13 February 1945 the organisation was only composed of at most 50 members, who resigned one after the other as soon as they sized up the president of the association (Pierre Plantard) and figured out that it was not a serious enterprise. At the same time Plantard worked as a draughtsman for the company établissements Chanovin.

In 1972 he married Anne-Marie Cavaille who originated from Montauban, with Philippe de Chérisey acting as best man.

Plantard read the article and wrote to de Sède, later collaborating with him on the book Les Templiers sont parmi nous, ou, L'Enigme de Gisors ("The Templars are Amongst Us, or The Enigma of Gisors"), that was published in 1962.

The name Priory of Sion reappeared within the pages of this book.

In 1959, Plantard edited a second series of the journal Circuit, subtitled Publication Périodique Culturelle de la Fédération des Forces Françaises.

It never mentioned the Priory of Sion in its pages, and dealt with paranormal and mystical topics.

When Jean-Luc Chaumeil revealed during the 1980s that Plantard's genealogical claims were fictional adaptations of Louis Saurel's article published in 1960, Plantard released a "cheque" dated 14 April 1960 showing his former wife Anne-Léa Hisler had been paid for the article contained in Les Cahiers de l'Histoire, and therefore claiming she was the original author.

The Priory Documents of the 1960s gave a revised history of the Priory of Sion, claiming it had been founded by Godfrey of Bouillon during the Crusades and named after Mount Sion in Jerusalem, conflating it with a genuine historical monastic order, the Abbey of Our Lady of Mount Zion.

In 1962, author Robert Charroux published his book Trésors du monde telling the story of Noël Corbu, who claimed the 19th century priest Bérenger Saunière had discovered the treasure of Blanche of Castile in the village of Rennes-le-Château.

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