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In a statement to the station Thursday, Sapp said, “As a father of three and pastor of one of the largest congregations in west Michigan, I cannot take this kind of obsessive attention lightly.” Gospel singer Marvin Sapp, who serves as a pastor at a church in Grand Rapids, says Patrick stalked him, prompting him to file a protection order.Gospel singer Marvin Sapp , who serves as a pastor at a church in Grand Rapids, says Patrick stalked him, prompting him to file a protection order. 5 at her job at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo, where she was a psychiatric resident.The stalking had gone on for at least a year, Sapp said.

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Patrick went missing December 5th and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

At a press conference Wednesday, Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller said Sapp is not a suspect in the case.

Details are soon to come, but read the post from Scandal Media below: Grammy-nominated gospel singer Marvin Sapp says he was forced to file a protection order against missing doctor Teleka Patrick after she showed up at his church, sent him scores of letters and contacted his children.

Now the authorities confirmed that he’s their primary suspect, and he’s officially being investigated due to (among other things) inconsistencies in his statement.

Other allegations are made and forewarning of a personal protection order filed against her is mentioned.

The personal protection order from Sapp against Patrick was also served in September.

— FOX 17 obtained a copy of a letter apparently written by Pastor Marvin Sapp to Teleka Patrick.

It’s regarding her alleged attempts to reach him and his children.

This time period is different for every individual.

Follow me on Twitter @William GMc Cray to keep up on the latest! The reports members of my Obnoxious Street Committee have made me aware that Scandal Media is reporting that Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist and Pastor Marvin Sapp has been named the primary suspect in the case of a missing woman.

Marvin Sapp, a Grammy-nominated gospel crooner and Grand Rapids pastor, claimed that Teleka Patrick sent him more than 400 love letters, joined his congregation, contacted his children and even moved to Michigan from California to be closer to him, local WOOD-TV reported.

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