Who is keira knightley dating 2016

When Reynolds lost his job, he bought a studio kit with his redundancy money.

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The relation didn’t quite end on a happy note and they are said to avoid each other during any encounters or gatherings and even try to avoid getting clicked together at popular events.

However, Jamie and Keira are now happily married to other beautiful celebrities from the industry.

The relationship between Adrien and Keira was a very controversial affair.

The news of the two being together was never confirmed, although sources say that at a point these two were pretty close and were often spotted together spending time with each other.

Adrien, born on the 14th of April,1973 in Woodhaven, Queens, New York, is a 43 years old American actor. Jamie Dornan started dating Keira Knightley in the year 2003.

The romance continued for almost two years before the duo called it quits.Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend started seeing each other in the year 2006 and the romance between the two beautiful actors lasted for more than five years.Rupert and Keira were indeed a really adorable couple before they decide to end this sweet long relationship.Jamie, the 34 years old Irish actor is famous for his role as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.James Dornan was born on 1st May 1982 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. However, things did not go well between the two and they decided to end the two – year long relationship in 2003.Before getting married to James, Keira has had romantic relationships with a bunch of other handsome faces in the industry such as Jamie Dornan and Del Synnott.

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