Who is jon gosselin dating 8 rules for dating my daughter cast

People explains Wright went to Britain’s Sunday Mirror and told the publication all about her affair, including that he is “a great lover and knows how to satisfy a woman.” Law later made a very public confession about the incident.

Don’t be too sad for Miller, though — she was involved in a cheating scandal with actor Daniel Craig around the same time.

Huff Post reports former nanny to Rob Lowe, Jessica Gibson, claims she experienced sexual harassment by both Lowe and his wife.

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reports Houseman thought of the whole thing as pretty unremarkable, as she said, “The earth didn’t move or anything like that.” And because Jagger was well-known for his infidelity with multiple women, this incident wasn’t very surprising.

Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman seemed like a good match back in the late ’90s, and the pair even have two children together.

Entertainment Tonight says back in 2015, there were plenty of rumors stating Ben Affleck and his nanny Christine Ouzounian were sleeping together.

Of course, at this time Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner, though the couple have since split.

But after the two separated and Klum came forward with news she was dating her bodyguard, rumors took off claiming she was cheating on Seal for some time.

Glamour reports Klum says she was good friends with the bodyguard, who also helped out with watching the kids and other family duties.

Many friends and celebs who knew the Lowe family came to their defense, and the case was eventually dismissed. The Daily Mail reports Cook admitted to cheating on Brinkley with a 17-year-old girl working in a shop.

Though Cook appeared very sorry at first, he also backpedaled by saying his 10-year marriage lost its spark.

It’s hard to imagine the life of the filthy rich and famous.

Most of us can’t even fathom the level of fame and glory that comes with celebrity status.

Shockingly, this was also right around the time Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver, was pregnant.

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