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The once self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports is reportedly a terrible place for women to work.

Two of ESPN’s biggest stars, John Buccigross and Matthew Berry, among other male talent, have been accused of inappropriate behavior towards women, according to an in-depth report from the Boston Globe that features some bombshell allegations about working in Bristol.

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Mc Carthy says she lost chances at being on-air when she became pregnant and upon returning from maternity leave was taken off the weekend broadcasts of Sports Center.

She was also part of the April layoffs and was eight months pregnant when she was let go.

I know I said it yesterday, but I don’t think I can stress it enough.

I do think this is the most important podcast I’ve done to date.

However, the main thing you might know Jenn for, was the incident back in 2010 regarding Brett Favre when released pictures, videos, and voicemails of Brett reaching out to Jenn two years earlier when both were in the NY Jets organization.

It’s still a crazy ass story to this day, I included links of the coverage it was getting back then again for your reference, but the effect it had on Jenn and her career back then, and even still today, is haunting.

Whatever you think you know about the story, I urge you to listen to Jenn tell it in its entirety for the first time ever here today. I guarantee there are some of you that already have an impression of Jenn without really knowing her, so I suggest you listen to her story today. Having known Jenn for a little over a year now and I feel like this podcast could’ve gone on for probably 4 hours if we wanted to.

There’s stuff she and I have talked about that we never even got around to in this podcast because the other stuff I felt was so good.

Adrienne Lawrence, who worked at ESPN in 2015 on a racial diversity fellowship, claims Buccigross has been known to send her unsolicited shirtless selfies.

In a complaint filed with ESPN this past summer, Lawrence, who is a lawyer, says Buccigross would call her “dollface” and refer to her as “#longlegs” and “#dreamgirl” in text message conversations.

When Lawrence told officials at the company that a false rumor of her dating Buccigross was spreading, they responded by telling her to “drop the matter,” according to the formal complaint she filed.

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