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90s Power Rangers icon Jason David Frank was ejected from the premiere of the new reboot for trying to take a 'reaction shot' of the audience with his phone.

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He is a main character in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series, as well as four of its successive incarnations Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers Dino Thunder (where he returns as a legendary Power Ranger veteran). episode "Wormhole", and in the Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode "Legendary Battle".

He also appeared in the Power Rangers Wild Force episode "Forever Red", the Power Rangers S. He has been portrayed by actor Jason David Frank in all of his appearances with the exception of the episode "Wormhole", where he appeared only in Ranger form and was voiced by actor Jeffrey Parazzo (who played Trent Mercer in Dino Thunder).

The whole time everybody is filming me and no security people are coming but everybody in his entourage is filming.

So I clinched up with him and put him against the wall and he's talking and he froze up and I raised my knee and said, 'Do you want to this?

Awkwardly it seems they did not recognise him, despite the fact he's been in no less than six TV series of Power Rangers dating from 1993, and two movies in 19. I'm like, ' You're not getting my phone! The Power Rangers have been waiting for this moment.

"Right after our cameo appeared, I got escorted out by security because I had a camera in the movie," Frank told The Hollywood Reporter. Catch the action-packed #Power Rangers Movie in theaters on March 24! A post shared by Power Rangers (@powerrangersmovie) on It's a kick in the teeth for the action king who helped make the franchise so successful in the first place.

He was born in Covina, California, and lives in Atascocita, Texas.

Frank is a 6th Degree Black Belt as of 2004 with more than a total of 25 years experience in the martial arts. Frank has also opened his own dojo, known as Rising Sun Karate, where he teaches his own Karate and kickboxing while his wife, Tammie, teaches karate to adult women.

Looking back on the encounter, Frank said he's not holding a grudge against his one-time idol.

But he's also never going to back down from a fight, especially one that was ambushed on him. Moral of the story: you STILL don't fuck with Tommy!

Played By: Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson To anyone growing up in the ‘90s, this twosome brought an awesome new meaning to the term “power couple.” No offense to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but who needs a multimillion-dollar empire when you and your girl can morph into Power Rangers?

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