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He was told from a very young age how great he was, and he was softly pushed toward the NBA, where he soon discovered being the No.

1 overall pick came with a migraine and a pile of expectations. I suspect it wasn't just the bad break medically, but the bad karma he was feeling from letting everyone down.

And if you can't, find Oden a new best friend who can also contribute. The biggest personal acknowledgement that Oden made when exiting Portland was that he struggled with alcohol abuse. And while the typical NBA player finds himself with loads of free time and money in some of the most dynamic cities in the country, I'm thinking Oden's perfect NBA city marriage is not Miami, Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

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Instead, I'd offer that franchises such as Indiana, Cleveland, Oklahoma City and Milwaukee and other mid-sized and small-market franchises should recognize that Oden is a rare opportunity. That he's played a total of 82 games since the 2007 NBA draft and will still command multiple suitors shortly is a testament to nothing more than how unique his skill set is. But what became most evident over time in Portland was that Oden needs lots of positive reinforcement and feedback.

Given $30 million in career earnings and the choice to live anywhere in the world, he chose to return to his college town (Columbus, Ohio) when his NBA career faltered. Then-coach Nate Mc Millan was frustrated at times with how docile Oden could appear.

The only thing more ridiculous than Oden's apologizing for taking the pictures are the folks who felt he needed to.

As far as I can tell, he has nothing to apologize for -- and no, that isn't a thinly veiled size joke.

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Basically, what the 7-foot center most needs to have success in a future NBA partner: Rule One: Make it a double date.

I always felt that the biggest setback Oden had in Portland wasn't his initial knee injury, but the inability for Portland to land his former Ohio State teammate Michael Conley on draft day.

Everyone realized pretty quickly in Portland that Oden needed a confidant teammate. In part, because I don't think he's the kind of guy who easily trusts and makes friends.

Didn't help that Portland's other two rookies that first season were second-round picks Josh Mc Roberts (eight games) and Petteri Koponen (overseas), who weren't around much.

None of this is exactly breaking news, but for some reason, a good chunk of the country has been behaving as if the nude photos of the oft-injured Portland Trail Blazer that surfaced recently are a stop-the-presses issue.

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