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In the early 20th century, El Greco once again began to receive critical acclaim and his art became an international phenomenon, with the establishment of the museum, an initiative of the Marquis of Vega-Inclan, contributing to that process.

The origin of the museum stemmed from the acquisition of some ruined buildings in the Jewish quarter of Toledo: the grand idea of the Marquis was to recreate the spirit of the era by establishing a house-museum space similar to that in which the artist had lived.

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This panorama of the museums of Spain focuses on collections that represent a true symbol of the country's identity.

In a wonderful way museums bring back to society that which society itself has created, reinterpreting and re-presenting the best of a nation's "personality" through the objects that have endured as a testimony of its history.

The elegance of his figures, his sense of light and colour and expressionism made him the quintessential image of Spanish society during the Counter-Reformation.

The dour faces of the saints, the tall and slender figures and elongated composition, his concetration on the detaied images of the portraitees, the artist's special attention to the styled hair mass, the intense colour palates and the daring compositions reveal the personality of a genius who has been identified as the preeminent portraitist of a nation.

One intriguing painting is the famous "View and Plan of Toledo", in which the city's lay-out is faithfully depicted, including a surrounding inscription which aids in identifying the main buildings.

The special light and colour scheme makes this painting absolutely unique within the specific genre of the townscape, then just in its infancy.In addition, on many occasions, such content was stored in "adapted" venues, generally religious establishments.This resulted in a number of unique buildings being restored for new use.This journey through some of Spain's most notable Fine Art museums, especially those outside Madrid, allows us to delve deep into Spanish culture and character.Many of the greatest Spanish museums were founded in the 19th century as part of a process to make art more widely available to the general public.It houses a series of pieces that provide background information: paintings and sculptures, combined with many objects of decorative arts, illustrate the historical context of the time.

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