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Additional collaborations include Sammi Cheng and Jay Chou.Edison's foray into the fashion industry accompanied his rising success as a young pop icon.

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After eight years of doing short roles, he is officially making a comeback to the entertainment business after he was spotted filming for Lou Ye's new project in Guangzhou on April 2016.

A track Chen dedicated to the people of Hong Kong in 2004, the same year he was assaulted in the city.

He has also been a supporter for the gay and lesbian community in Hong Kong, including being voted as an icon in 2001.

Upon doing so the two teenagers fled the scene, and Chen gave chase.

His first hip-hop release was in February 2004, called Please Steal This Album backed by MC Yan and Singaporean musician Hanjin Chen.

Several singles from the album topped local pop charts.

Chen's father is businessman Edward Chen (陳澤民), a Hong Kong entertainment industry mogul famously known as "Ninth Brother" (九哥). He was in the same tenth grade class as fellow actor Nicholas Tse.

He spoke English as his first language before learning Cantonese and Mandarin later on. He also knows some basic Khmer since he had to learn it to play a Cambodian Assassin in Dog Bite Dog D, and Dog Bite Dog.

After Chen's comeback in late 2009 he began work on his next album titled CONFUSION.

The record includes collaborations with well-known local hip hop artists MC Hot Dog, MC Yan, and Master Chef.

He made his comeback in an Asian American film called Almost Perfect which he and his co-stars have been spending time promoting on several film festivals.

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