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She is also author of the popular book named "The I Live Here Projects".Mia Kirshner was born on January 25, 1975, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Etti, a teacher, and Sheldon Kirshner, a journalist who wrote for The Canadian Jewish News. She is Canadian and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.Mia Kirshner: It’s hard to talk about an overall experience, because each year was so different.

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As the series demanded a sex scene, Mia watched dozens of clips from movies like 'Bound, where the stars had an explicit affair.

In an interview to the New York Times, the actress said, She also got close with veteran actor Sam Shephard.

She holds degree of a degree in English Literature from Mc Gill University.

She started her professional career in acting at very young age of 15.

As she portrays a lesbian character on the show people speculate her to be lesbian in real life too. What about her dating life, is she in a relationship with someone? Mia became famous for her role in a variety of series and movies including The actress is always confused about her sexuality.

Though she has mentioned about liking girls as well in the past but has not actually confirmed being a lesbian yet.

The pair started going out in 2004 and it was more than just a simple dating.

Apparently, both of them got involved in numerous one night stand together.

Showtime gave us a lot of freedom, and I realize how rare that is, and how lucky we were to have those jobs. When I first started the show, I was worried about it because in high school, there were packs of girls that reminded me of packs of wolves. And we were shooting in Vancouver, so we were in a little bubble. Leisha [Hailey] and I lived together the first year.

AE: How was it to work with so many women and so few men? I always felt like a group dynamics [can get] nasty. But now, I can only say it was a really wonderful experience – on the social side of it and the creative freedom that we had. Women talk more about how they’re feeling, what they’d like from each other, and what they don’t like. And we had all had our own experiences in the gay community, with women, whatever. AE: So, being cut off from Hollywood fostered a little esprit de corp?

In 1993 she debuted in the film industry from a movie named Love and Human Remains.

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