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She holds a Canadian nationality belonging to the white ethnic background.

She is the daughter of former Canadian Olympic athlete, Marion Simpson.

She has worked as the Marketing Manager at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada.

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She was married to her boyfriend, Craig Andrew Simpson after an affair for several of years. The couple separated and divorced after staying in a marital relationship for some period.

After then, she is not seen involving in any relation.

Simpson attended the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario.

She graduated from the University with high degree.

Simpson performed her first network television job with Rogers Sportsnet when the Canadian sports channel launched in 1998.

Her most important work and the longest too were to find out the details about several hockey players, and in this process, she spent 10 years of her work life.Simpson spent her time profiling the NHL& top players and personalities, and as the host of “Showtime” with Chris Simpson in special segments which featured entertainment and sports stories.She has also been a rink-side reporter for National Hockey League broadcasts in the United States with ABC, ESPN, and Versus.Simpson is a well-paid reporter, earning a great amount of salary from her work.She has maintained an impressive net worth of about million.Mandylor will make his debut on the show during its fifth season, which begins with its 100th episode March 6.

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