Who is chely wright dating

However, Chely confessed she was not satisfied with her boyfriend Brad though she loved him and treated him nicely. She is married to her partner Lauren Blitzer since August 20, 2011.

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The couple is blessed with twins named George Samuel and Everett Joseph born on May 18, 2013.

The couple got married in a private ceremony officiated by a rabbi and a reverend. The couple is very happy together and there is no sign of divorce in the marital relation.

From a very early age, Chely Wright knew two things about herself: She loved music and she was different than the other girls.

"I'd made a deal with God early on that I'll go without love in my life, just give me music," she later explained.

In her career journey, Chely Wright has won a number of awards.

She has won the awards for her works in various areas.

Chely states that she wanted to become a country music performer since the age of four and realized that she was a gay when she was eight years old, in her autobiography Like Me.

She took piano lessons when she was a kid and began to perform on stage by the age of 11.

They include mega country stars like Brad Paisley, whom Chely dated and slept with knowing full well she could never love them.

[flv: 400] And you better watch this last clip, where she mentions one of her “biggest fears” about coming out: not being able to do anything with the military again.

Her current net worth is estimated to be million.

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