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And my inspiration for the shape was a 1920’s opera coat because it has a broader collar and a swingy bottom.When she goes up that ramp and she looks back to William, I wanted there to be some detail in the back, so I added some pleats. The collar, I’m sure you’ve read somewhere, was a rug from Urban Outfitters that I cut up and it had to be the right color to bounce the light off of her face.

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Mahoney, who died February 4th, 2018, was a formidable stage performer before portraying Jim Court, the divorced father of Diane (Iona Skye) who becomes embroiled in an IRS investigation while simultaneously trying to deter his daughter’s budding romance with Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack). Mahoney then used all the character frustration and love and pain he’d been building for the entire shoot of the movie and just yelled: “I’M INCARCERATED, LLOYD! Steely Dan “Well, I imagine you’ve seen it,” Steely Dan manager Gary Mc Pike sighed as he withdrew a well-fingered, almost crumbling, clipping from that morning’s Los Angeles Times.

While the role ostensibly made Mahoney the film’s antagonist, Crowe tells Rolling Stone that the actor arrived on set “with a bounce in his step and a twinkle in his eye” and “brought joy to every scene and every take.” Most of all, the director remembered the actor’s brilliant laugh, which rang out long after they finished shooting one of the film’s most intense and emotional scenes. world with a bounce in his step and a twinkle in his eye. He’d come from the esteemed Steppenwolf acting troupe, was already friends with John Cusack and had just performed in John Guare’s House of Blue Leaves on the Broadway stage. The more dramatic and powerful the performance, the louder his unmistakable laugh as soon as I called “cut.” You see, John Mahoney’s laugh wasn’t just a laugh. ” That moment and John Cusack’s reaction is one of those moments I’ll be forever grateful for. And when the take was over, you know what happened. It was a critical review of the band’s recent appearance at the Whiskey.

Lead singer, David Palmer, performs as spirited a set as anybody else, and the rest of the band does their share of bopping as well, but some people you just can’t please.

“As far as that one review is concerned,” added Donald Fagen, organist, sometime lead-vocalist, and the other half of the aforementioned writing duo, “I think the person who wrote it has an unusually high interest in men’s fashions.” Fagen pauses a moment to laugh, then continues, “I mean if a person is that disinterested in the , I’d just as soon they go elsewhere.” Steely Dan is a new band.

After a minor hit with a single called “I’m The Face,” the group’s name was changed to The Who.

The rest, from instrument smashing to Woodstock to , is—as they say—history.At first, they have only one client and, when the pair get involved in a romantic relationship, things grow even more uncertain. I hope this made you laugh, John, wherever you are, feeling all this love from so many. Courtesy of Rolling Stone – Cameron Crowe – February 6, 2018 section of The Uncool where you’ll find Deleted Scenes from the script, Locations Then & Now, a collection of foreign posters and so much more.Read the rest of this post Remembering John Mahoney While filming his 1989 debut, Say Anything…, director Cameron Crowe found himself working with esteemed character actor John Mahoney. I was in my neighborhood Mc Donald’s and felt a tap on my shoulder. We hope you like the (never before seen) alternate shot from Poster shoot above and the negatives from Citizen Dick at the Java Stop below!“Ten years,” Roger said as he turned away from the window and sighed incredulously.“Ten years of this.” He paused for a moment to adjust the paraphernalia in the seat pouch before him.“I used to wonder,” he mused, “how The Who have been able to stay together this long. We learned that when things are tough it’s precisely the time to stay at your closest.” Read the rest of this post with costumer designer Betsy Heimann. In Almost Famous [2000], William Miller (Patrick Fugit), a young music lover, lives out his dream of writing for Rolling Stone by becoming a rock tour roadie with the Band-Aides, and their number one fan, Penny Lane.

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