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Not that I wasn't before, but I really homed in on it over the last 10 years. Jacob: I went through a rough patch and got beat up a lot, so I think humility is the strongest lesson that I learned. Even stepping out of the limelight for a little bit allowed me to fall in love [with music] in a whole different way again. Erik-Michael: We've all changed immensely, and before I was a little more headstrong. Glamour: I was just re-watching the music video for "All or Nothing." When's the last time you guys watched that? Erik-Michael: We all had a chance to watch it before we started filming our new video. [*Laughs*] __Jacob__: My pants got a lot tighter, and my hair is a lot shorter now! __Jacob__: And you'll never catch me in a shiny Sean John suit again that was 10 times too big!

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Glamour: So while Dan is off celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary, are you guys single or taken?

Jacob: You're talking to the three single members of O-Town!

they both ditched otown bandmates, and are still in each others life with a little girl, ashley parker was said to be dating jillian murray, but theres rumors shes with some dreyer guy, so ashley parker who are you with,????

No, despite some rumors, Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron are notdating. no they are not because Vanessa and Zac are engaged Ashley Tisdale did not date Zac Efron.

Source: Justjared Ashley has enjoyed seeing his son growing up.

He recently uploaded a picture of his son getting graduated from school.

He was with a, hometown girl shelly, then he was with tiffany lynn rowes o4_08 they had a son lyric lennon angel.

Rumors fled saying he cheated on tif with aubrey o`day, tiff is now with , kirsten storms brother, austin storms they now have a baby girl, kennedy lynn storms, kirsten storms actually, dated ashley parker`s bandmate eric michael estrada, weird huh?

[#image: /photos/569580375fff94d44eec379d]Glamour: How have you changed in the past 10 years?

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