Who is annie lennox dating

Indeed, Stewart let slip he did not receive an invitation to the singer’s wedding last September to South African gynaecologist Dr Mitch Besser.

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Who is annie lennox dating

You get to a certain point where you go, 'OK, this is very tiring, flying backwards and forwards all the time',” says Stewart, who has two older children from his nine-year marriage to former Bananarama star Siobhan Fahey, and two daughters from his 2001 hippy beach wedding to Fisz, officiated by Deepak Chopra in the south of France.“Moving to LA was a family decision because I had to keep coming back to LA, because I was working with artists here and doing music and film and the jet-lag was killing me.

I wanted to keep my family happy and my work, so we all sat down and said, 'this is crazy, we should just move there', and it's been great because, yeah, I go to England two or three times a year but its not like flying to LA 10 times a year.”Recently joined in LA by ex-wife Fahey, he says: “Just of late, she bought a house here in LA and then bought another one which she's doing up.

Most artists who thought they'd made their pension suddenly – just like a lot of other people with their pension – had it took away from them because there's no more record stores so they're, 'uh, we better go on the road!

' Annie and I don't have to go on the road because we do other things.”While Lennox's “other things” include a successful solo career, political activism and philanthropy, then Stewart remains a sought-after musician, producing and co-writing songs with Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger, Bono, Joss Stone, Bryan Ferry, Gwen Stefani and Tom Petty.

Oblivious to even the location of his ex-partner's London nuptials, he says, looking visibly upset: “I don't even know where the wedding was. One of the most successful pop-rock duos of all time, Eurythmics split in 1990, and while virtually every Brit pop band of the 1980s has seen a resurrection in recent years, raking in dwindling royalty revenue by forcing themselves on the road, Stewart remains resolute that such a fate will never befall this duo.“I doubt we'll ever go out on the road again,” he says. She just got married, as you know, with a doctor from South Africa and she's working on all of her stuff there.“The thing is, our songs are never off the radio – you drive along and hear 'Here Comes the Rain', 'Sweet Dreams', 'Would I Lie to You'…

I live here with four children and Annie lives between South Africa and London. and loads of other artists are doing them too.“A lot of people on the road are actually forced out there because the music industry collapsed; 90 per cent of music is downloaded for free.

Probably next time we meet it would be exactly the same as the last conversation we were having.

In fact not long ago I met her at somebody's dinner – and I knew she was going so I brought all these great photographs I took of her kids and gave her them.

At the river Thames reception, which was attended by 150 close friends and family, guests were treated to a selection of finger food served by a silver service catering team.

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