Who has chelsea peretti dating

But now that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and Key and Peele star have honored the world with their presence at Sunday night's SAGs, we can all rest assured that yes, they are real, they are alive, and they will terrorize tourists in Madison Square Park one day. Fans of Pete Holmes' podcast You Made It Weird know that Peretti, his best friend and frequent guest, likes to keep her personal life, you know, personal.

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Her parents happened to meet during one of her father’s business travels to Eastern Europe.

She and her elder brother Jonah (who is a big Internet Entrepreneur) were raised at their place in Oakland, California, United States of America. With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, she graduated in the year 2000 alongside her classmate actor Andy Samberg, Peretti is an American citizen born and bred; although her parents had mixed backgrounds.

Then she travelled back to Los Angeles, and soon was seen on TV, appearing in shows like With so much experience and knowledge about running a podcast show, she came up with one herself named the Call Chelsea Peretti, which she launched in the October of 2012.

Then in 2013, she made her first TV appearance in FOX TV’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where she played the role of Gina Linetti.

The pair, who have been dating since 2013, clearly picked a blue theme for the night and it's definitely not making us sad!

Chelsea is wearing a gorgeous midnight blue strapless chiffon gown by Rubin Singer that has lurex inserts all throughout and we think gurl is KILLIN' it!Not to mention how gorgeous her jewelry looked too! Jordan looked handsome as ever in his blue suit that was also the perfect accent to Chelsea's gown! She was also seen playing different roles in Regarding her personal life, she has been with her long friends and actor Jordan Peele.The couple who started dating back in 2013 is still together and no signs of any bump are seen in their smooth relationship.One of our best ones was Monica Lewinsky: The Musical.

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