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“You and your grandmother are the only ones here who can see me,” a dead man says to nine-year-old Melinda Gordon (Grace Fulton) in a funeral parlor. She’s a spectral social worker counseling them on their journey to the afterlife. The Emmy-nominated combines standalone “ghost-of-the-week” episodes with an underlying narrative that unfolds over five seasons.

But one thing remains the same: the dead still need Melinda’s help.

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Despite the split, Hewitt dedicated her 2010 relationship advice book to Kennedy. None of the TV actors appeared, but Zach (Mark Hapka) from reprised his character on TV (along with two others).10. A number of changes happen toward the end of the series, including the death of a major character, a wedding, and the birth of a baby.

“He really taught me how to look at the reality of…love,” she wrote. In the first episode of season five, the timeline jumps ahead to 2014, five years in the future.

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Winkowski discovered her abilities at age seven and was encouraged by her grandmother (like Melinda).

Gray and Winkowski first met at a Starbucks a year before the series premiered, a meeting Winkowski said was also attended by ghosts (who apparently paid for their own coffee).

Archer is probably best known for her Oscar-nominated role in makes a subtle pivot at the end of the first season.

Gray begins developing an on-going mythology about Melinda’s battle with the dark forces of the spirit world which would play out over the next four years.

There was a co-star Lacey Chabert guest stars in the second episode of season two as Donna Ellis, the wife of Melinda’s now-dead college boyfriend.

There’s a fun inside joke when Hewett first encounters Chabert’s character and looks at her like they know each other.7. In the first episode of season four, Melinda meets Professor Eli James, another medium.

She later cleansed Gray’s New York home of some unwanted ghostly guests.3. Nine-year-old Abigail Breslin plays Sarah Applewhite, the first ghost Melinda saw as a child.

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