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This is where tourists normally get the closest to the animals – and it’s also the location where most photos on social media are taken from.The elephants are walked down from the large area where they roam, past shops and restaurants, to the river where tourists gather around and take photos.But in Sri Lanka, taming the elephant history is more than thousands of years.

They have human culture, human influence, so they are very aggressive guys.

So for the safety of the people, safety of the other animals, other males and babies, we have to chain them – but not for a long time.”The chains are most confronting for visitors during the bathing sessions, which happen a few times each day.

It is not fair to claim, like others have, that the elephants are being exploited to make money from tourism.

I genuinely believe that the welfare of the elephants is the number one priority.

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When the orphanage opened in 1975, there were 5 elephants Now there are 88 of them.The whole year they get the food constantly but in the wild they will face many difficulties to find food and especially water.”“Here they have formed their own family and they live together. The small ones are born here, they’re born in captivity, and so they don’t know how to get food and how to mix with the other wild elephants.So they live with their mothers and they live until they die here.”In one section of the orphanage, I saw a group of four baby elephants being kept in small pens with hardly any space to roam around. After they have grown, we will mix them with the herd and they will get some new friends and brothers and sisters and they will form a new family there. But most of the herd is able to wander around freely in a relatively large space at one end of the site, away from the tourists.There are some things that I think could be changed to make the conservation project better.But my feeling, from what I was able to learn, is that it is a fundamentally positive site.So there’s a saying ‘in the future, the children will see elephants only in picture or video’ but here you can see a big group of elephants every day very closely with humans.”Here’s my take on the situation.

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