What is the best city for interracial dating

Hmm, and all of my friends are in interracial relationships. black women in baltimore are sorry it isa bad city for black brothers black sisters inin dallas houston losangeles denver arenice to talk to black women here in baltimoreare just sick most of them want some that hasbeen in jail that is sad to say but it is trueiam from oakland ca yeah oakland has its problemsbut know where like baltimore that is why iammoving back in april baltimore is a very hate fulcity with whites and blacks I'am a black male living in Tampa, Fla and interracial dating down here is the norm.

White and Korean, Philippino and Black, Hispanic and Indian, it just doesn't matter. You see it all over brothas dating white and spanish women, fla is very much so diverse with all races, hard for rednecks to discriminate too many latinos and blacks down here for that we make up the majority in florida.

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But, that being said, people often get physically attracted after they find out they really click with someone and love being around them. Don't just say "yea interracial dating is great here" just to make your city look good. I am a web developer, I date outside my race my last gf was French.

From what I have seen walking around Downtown Seattle and Seattle Center on weekends most Asian women prefer white or black guys to any Asian male. But really if you're black or white and keep yourself decent dating should never be a concern in Seattle. I really feel like Seattle would be the perfect place to find girls who are weird, gamers, artsy, and fun to be around with.

I think it's just become so widespread and the population is so heterogeneous that it would be kind of hard and you would definitely be limited if you tried to date only within your ethnicity. I agree with the list, I have been to all these cities. I would add Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas to the list. Hmm, and all of my friends are in interracial relationships.

So ya, if you want some interracial love, move to T. You have a lot of interacial couples because it is transit area. White and Korean, Philippino and Black, Hispanic and Indian, it just doesn't matter.

Louis, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, and Milwaukee I'm going to jump into the fray here Now this is coming from an interracial magazine which conducted its own research so take it with a grain of salt.10 best/worst cities for interracial couples Best1. excuse my spelling also mpls has one of the higheststandard of living in america .fortune 500 companiesin there back yard 3M PILLSBURY, TARGET BEST BUY,the list goes on but if you see a blackman working in oneof call me i want his picture...massive blacklash hitin the 80s and 90s when chicago and millwalke blackscame to the city for its many social programs,majorschemes millions lost alotta bad blood still theremost are sent to north mpls...little chicago.beautiful place and the prettiest women on the planetif you like blond and biracial girls who cant find a date!

baltimore is a very sorry city african americansare sad as hell in baltimore iam african americanfrom chicago i have been here in baltimore sixyears and hate the blacks here back home in chicago arfican americans we work hard to getwhat we want we work to make are neighborhoodsbetter here in baltimore blacks hate each otherthe women here are not nice looking at all think god iam moving to atlanta in may the sistersare very educated and fine as hell thats how ilike it the black women here even the small numberof nice looking ones are full of hate hell lifeis to dam short of that i go back home to chicagoyeah some sisters are unhappy but know where likeout here i go to atlanta houston dallas and kansas city and sisters are cool as hell baltimorebrothers out here think they are so hard say homieyou baltimore cats go to chicago south side orthe west side and talk that shit back homeand see if you cats make it back to okthe night clubs are sorry thats why i go in towashinghton dc beacuse the clubs are a lot betterwith beautiful women and they like to have funbut over here it is so diffrent but that is ok because i am gone .

Or are most of them close minded and are afraid to date black guys. I too enjoy dating outside of my race (in addition to dating women who are of the same race), but never would I date a woman who's of West European descent.

And no I am not talking about the fat ones(no offense) just trying to be honest. Seattle have a lot of interracial dating/marrying, but it's mostly men who are of West European descent dating/marrying women who are of Asian descent.

This is not to say that some people disagree with it.(Toronto is a city of immigrant minorities, and a lot of people who immigrate to Canada bring a lot of their ignorant and prejudice thinking ways with them) But 1st and 2nd generation Canadians, or those that grew up in Toronto never have an issue with it. So if anyone considering relocating to florida(Tampa,orlando,miami) are the best cities for interracial couples to live trust me!!!!!! I'm from Toronto and I actually don't know anyone dating someone of the SAME race.

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