What happened to we want fun adult

we make fun records when we are super inspired to do so.

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The second part of this, the preanger state, includes how the person was feeling physiologically and psychologically right before the situation.

When people are tired, anxious, or already angry, they are more likely to respond with anger.

fun was founded by the 3 of us at a time when we were coming out of our own bands.

one thing that has always been so special about fun is that we exist as 3 individuals in music who come together to do something collaborative.

Some of this has to do with simple physiological arousal.

A nervous person already has an elevated heart rate so doesn't have as far to go to become angry.

Tomatoes disgust me, but I don't consider it wrong for someone to eat a tomato.

I post about art, writing, theatre, relationships, education, science, philosophy, psychology, religion, atheism, computer programming, meditation, and nutrition.

Typically, people think that their anger is me so mad." The implication here is that those events caused their anger directly, and there were no other mitigating factors. If it were, everyone would respond the same way to such situations.

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