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She is still in grad school and she recently got a job as a summer intern at a newspaper in New York.

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The next day they make up and he asks her to make the decision whether or not to accept the job.

A week later he calls her and tells her he wants her to move to New York so that they can live together and start fresh.

She's such a warm, earthy presence on-screen, with a loud cackling laugh that sounds genuinely amused. The always-funny Christina Applegate doesn't get enough to do as Erin's tightly wound, germ-phobic sister, and Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day, as Garrett's eccentric drinking buddies, seem thrown in as concessions to Apatow bro-comedy.

And she gets to crack a few good jokes of her own, a development that's depressingly rare in a genre that often expects women to be wide-eyed foils or humorless ninnies. ), doesn't direct with the surest hand—at times, her camera performs distracting tricks unrelated to the material.

Meanwhile, Garrett, who works at a record label, is given an assignment to manage a band he does not like, and is starting to dislike his job.

They both continue with their fling, but when the six weeks are up they find it difficult to let go.

I appreciated this movie's psychological minimalism: It asks us to care about the quotidian details of Erin and Garrett's struggle to stay close, rather than contriving to place them in broad comic predicaments (though there's at least one of those too, when they're discovered on a dinner table).

When the story's energy does flag, Barrymore provides the juice to recharge it.

The two then drink together and end up at his place, where they smoke from a bong and have sex while Garrett's roommate Dan (Charlie Day) "DJs their hook up".

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