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Once upon a time, young Jewish men and women — and their parents — begged the local matchmaker to make them a match, be it Fiddler’s fictional Yenta or otherwise. But Jewish matchmaking still exists, and Judith Gottesman has entered the marketplace.

“I don’t work on Shabbat, but as soon as Shabbat ended, I got going on it,” Gottesman recalled. But she won’t divulge how many clients she’s currently working with.

“I don’t discuss my numbers and that’s very purposeful,” she said.

That said, I specialize in the West Coast and focus my marketing in California, where the majority of Jews live.

About half my client base finds me from Internet searches and the other half learn of me from being the only matchmaker who advertises in every major Jewish publication in California.

She’s also single and has twice used matchmakers herself — experience, she said, that has informed her new business.

“I think being single makes me a better matchmaker.

She tells people there are no guarantees, that she has no control over when (or if) she’ll find their soul mate.

Also, she matches clients with one person at a time. “I don’t want to just be fixing them up with random people so they feel like they’re keeping busy or getting their money’s worth.” Though Gottesman serves both Jews and non-Jews, she only matches Jewish clients with other Jews, because she believes Jews have Jewish soul mates.

“What I find is that people think it’s about quantity, and it’s not.

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