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Once upon a time, young Jewish men and women — and their parents — begged the local matchmaker to make them a match, be it Fiddler’s fictional Yenta or otherwise. But Jewish matchmaking still exists, and Judith Gottesman has entered the marketplace.The 39-year-old San Diego native and Berkeley resident launched her business, Soul Mates Unlimited, earlier this year, after a number of years informally matching friends and acquaintances.Recently, spoke with her about what it takes to be a matchmaker, and how she has helped numerous Jewish singles become couples and find love.

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She’s also single and has twice used matchmakers herself — experience, she said, that has informed her new business.

“I think being single makes me a better matchmaker.

Since Gottesman favors a “mitzvah model” over a business model, the job isn’t lucrative enough to support her fully.

She also teaches at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, and works as a professional dog walker, a notary and freelance travel writer.

“I don’t work on Shabbat, but as soon as Shabbat ended, I got going on it,” Gottesman recalled. But she won’t divulge how many clients she’s currently working with.

“I don’t discuss my numbers and that’s very purposeful,” she said.

It’s what’s in people’s hearts and not in their bank account that should matter.” For addition information about Judith Gottesman, visit

“Jewish organizations spend time and money to keep Jews connected, prevent intermarriage and assimilation, yet they don’t invest in the one most direct and obvious way to do that: pay for Jewish singles to be able to have the assistance of my personalized matchmaking,” says Judith Gottesman, owner and founder of Soulmates Unlimited®.

“What I find is that people think it’s about quantity, and it’s not.

It’s about the one.” For Gottesman, matchmaking is one part science and one part intuition.

I got my master’s in social work since I like to help people and believe bringing love into people’s lives is the best kind of social work I can do since love makes everything better.

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