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Many times in sales and business development you can find an email address and main number, which can still make it difficult to reach someone.

I've found that the direct numbers you can find in Zoom Info have been highly accurate and make getting in touch directly with prospects easier than trying to navigate through main numbers or direct dials that aren't accurate on other data sites.

Unfortunately, this is not a strength of the platform though and I rely on Linked In. I don't know how much the service costs to tell you the full value though.

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We also use Zoom Info to update our database with the most up-to-date information for all of our contacts and accounts.

Without Zoom Info, our database would be outdated and we would have to hire someone specifically to keep the database up to date.

The business problem Zoom Info does a great job of addressing is finding accurate, direct phone numbers for contacts that I have yet to see with other prospecting tools.

They have continuously updated the platform to fit the need for competitive researching as well and syncs with Salesforce easily.

Personally, I also used this platform to stay up to date on news and industry trends as well.

If you need to find out accurate contact information about a prospect this is the place to look.

Zoom Info is ideal for companies that are looking for large amounts of contact information for contacts and accounts across the globe.

There are competitors that have better databases for specific industries or regions, but as far as a global solution, Zoom Info has been the best thing that we have found.

Zoom Info was only being utilized by the BDR team, but as we made a shift to self-sourcing account executives, we decided to add licenses for our entire sales organization.

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