Warning signs of dating

But a great thing about talking with the elders is they make it simple and crystal clear: Far too many people make a dumb decision in choosing a mate, and live to regret it for years.

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On this issue, the elders are unequivocal: If your partner hits you or tries to hurt you in any way, get out.

If it happens while you are dating, they firmly state, it will happen in your marriage.

The elders also suggest you look for even small kinds of dishonesty in your potential mate. Barbara, age 70, left her first husband after a few years because she sensed the dark side that lurked behind his sarcasm: Pay attention to behavioral signs.

Somebody who is persistently, consistently, always sarcastic and critical, that should have been a warning sign to me that I was dealing with somebody who couldn’t function very well in the world. It demeans the other person, that kind of mocking behavior.

And please note: For those of you already in a relationship, these warnings still apply.

They are a diagnostic tool for deciding whether your marriage needs a fix (or an exit strategy). But I have to put it first and foremost, because entering marriage after experiencing dating violence is still shockingly common, despite decades of warnings from researchers, physicians, and counselors.

You can tell what kind of a person a person is if you miss your plane, if you lose your luggage, if you are caught outside on a rainy day, or something like that.

In those stressful situations if they’re going to just stand there and curse up a storm or throw something, ask yourself if want to spend your life with a person with those coping skills.

Everyone tells little white lies (in answer to things like “Do these pants make me look fat? But the elders say pay careful attention to someone who is dishonest.

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