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Many times victims can be annoyed or fearful of their partner yet they still do not believe that he will kill them.A study conducted in 12 cities across the United States found that about half of women who were killed or almost killed by an intimate partner did not recognize their risk for death.This shows that victims are most vulnerable and at risk for death when they have left or plan to leave the abuser.

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He may also try to restore the power that was taken away from him when she left the relationship.

He may also use violence, coercion or threats to the safety of loved ones or pets to try and force reconciliation.

Some relationships may have many risk factors and others may have only a few, but it is important to pay attention to any potential risk.

The DVDRC found that in 81% of the reviewed cases of domestic homicide, the couple was either separated or in the process of separating.

But women are also at higher risk if the abuser suspects that the victim wants to separate or if the victim tells him that she intends to separate.

The DVDRC found that in 81% of the domestic homicide cases, there was an actual or pending separation between the couple.It is best to have a professional conduct the assessment; but you can look at the risk factors and see how many you think you may have before you see a trained professional.Women are at higher risk for death when they separate from their abusive partner.The motive for post-separation violence, including death, has been grouped into three categories: 1) retaliation, 2) restoration, and 3) reconciliation.For men involved in the dynamics of power and control, they may engage in acts of retaliation against their partner if they feel resentful that she is moving on with a new relationship or as a way to hurt her for leaving.It is important that you do not make this huge decision on your own. You will need to tell people about your plan and ask for help in keeping you and your children safe.

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