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Note all prepaid plans are auto-renewal and users can recharge with rental price to activate bis or bbm service.It may take up to a minute or two for the message to arrive.· Select the Setup folder from the Black Berry Menu · Select Email Settings · Please accept the Terms and Agreement provided · Select Add an Email Account · Please complete the entries for email account setup · Click Next · Click OK · A message icon will then appear on your Black Berry Menu for your created Email Yes, charges will incur for any internet or email access if there is No Active Prepay Black Berry Service.

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It is an ADD ON service that allows Prepay customer’s with Blackberry handsets to utilize Unlimited* Black Berry Data Access for day/week/month on charged conditions.

The services can be activated, modified, deactivated or renewed via *555#.

Black Berry services are available on Vodafone in two ways.

One is ‘BIS’, or Black Berry Internet Solution, which is for individuals and small businesses of up to 10 users.

If the service is still active on the sim card and inserted to a Nokia handset, the only available option via *555# is deactivation of the Service.

Black Berry Messenger is the application used for chatting with family or friends that own a Black Berry handset.

Black Berry Enterprise Server Express (Black Berry CALs) , .

Black Berry smartphones Vodafone Facebook instant messaging, . Black Berry Black Berry® Web Desktop Manager, Black Berry® Desktop Manager, Black Berry Administration Service.

The other is ‘BES’, or Black Berry Enterprise Solution, which suits bigger business.

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