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"We felt like we could go in and really be ourselves," Lillie says.Anshe Chung is a virtual land baroness with a real-life fortune.They're also doing business, collaborating on research, teaching courses, dating and even having sex.

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South Korea's Cyworld started out as a social-networking site, but has evolved into a two-dimensional equivalent of Second Life, claiming 20 million registered users from Asia to Latin America.

Richard Branson's Virgin recently announced plans to create its own 3-D community called A World of My Own.

Some of these are community-driven, and require currency to be earned via posting and various other means, which can be used to buy more items and clothes. Possibly, whoever dies with the most clothes/items wins.

And these are not strictly limited to the human form: Paper-doll programs featuring cats, dogs, and other animals and creatures (anthropomorphised or not) are also available, depending on the fandom involved. If the clothing visibly worn by the character is inseparable from the equipment that affects the character's performance, it can lead to Rainbow Pimp Gear.

The paper doll programs themselves come in several formats, such as Flash games that can be played on a Web browser, or full programs that must be installed onto the user's computer before it may be used.

Sometimes the player merely selects the items from various lists (the most common format for videogames featuring this), while other programs allow the player to click, drag and drop the costume elements directly from the wardrobe onto the character.The power of Second Life lies in its utility for the gamut of human activities.It's a potent medium for socializing—it provides people with a way to express, explore and experiment with identity, vent their frustrations, reveal alter egos.When San Francisco software developer Philip Rosedale dreamed up the idea for Second Life in 1998, he never imagined that it might have such an impact on the world at large.Just as Google sexed up the way we search, and instant messaging altered the way we interact, Second Life is fast becoming the next red-hot tool on the Internet. Rosedale launched Second Life in 2001, but it got off to a slow start, reaching only 1.5 million registered users in 2006.The woman behind the Anshe avatar is Ailin Graef, a former language teacher living near Frankfurt, Germany.

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