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Any time a video game or computer program that lets you change clothes a character is wearing, which usually requires just changing the graphics, so it's like changing the clothes on a paper doll.This is often a way to customize the character, even if it's just a cosmetic feature.

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Turns out it can: Chung became Second Life's first millionaire in 2006.

Her business, Anshe Chung Studios, with a staff of 60, buys virtual property and builds homes or other structures that it rents or sells to other denizens of Second Life.

"I flourish in Second Life," says the 33-year-old, who heads a disability-consulting firm called Enable Enterprises, out of his home in England.

"It's no game—it's a serious tool." Rhonda Lillie and Paul Hawkins live thousands of miles apart—she in California, he in Wales—and until this week, had never met face to face.

"We felt like we could go in and really be ourselves," Lillie says.

Anshe Chung is a virtual land baroness with a real-life fortune.

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South Korea's Cyworld started out as a social-networking site, but has evolved into a two-dimensional equivalent of Second Life, claiming 20 million registered users from Asia to Latin America.

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