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Despite elimination of the civil rights remedy, VAWA and its subsequent reauthorizations have vastly improved services for victims of sexual and domestic violence and stalking, as well as education and training about violence against women for victim advocates, health professionals, law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.The numerous new legislative provisions include a ban on states charging rape victims for forensic sexual assault examinations and the criminalization of stalking by electronic surveillance.The VAWA initially included civil rights remedies for victims of gender-motivated crimes, which are hate crimes, allowing individuals to sue in federal court. Reauthorization of the act in 2013 was strongly opposed by conservatives, because of the expansion of the act to include American Indians and same-sex couples and increased protection for victims of sex trafficking.

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Congress found that domestic and sexual violence qualified under this test, given the vast costs born by taxpayers as a result of such violence.

At that time, estimates suggested that domestic violence alone cost between $5 and $10 billion a year in health care, criminal justice, and other special costs.

It included the first federal criminal law against battering and a requirement that every state afford full faith and credit to orders of protection issued anywhere in the United States.

Since the passage of VAWA, from law enforcement to victim services to Capitol Hill, there has been a paradigm shift in how the issue of violence against women is addressed.

It was also a triumph for women’s groups that lobbied hard to persuade Congress to legislate federal protections for women on the grounds that states were failing in their efforts to address this violence.

VAWA included provisions on rape and battering that focused on prevention, funding for victim services and evidentiary matters.Some argued that the act attempted to undermine grassroots organizations.Others argued that the law implies that women are in need of paternalistic assistance from the state.Working closely with the staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Legal Momentum (then NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund) brought experts and organizations together in the Task Force on the Violence Against Women Act to help draft and pass the legislation.This initial coalition has become the very large and diverse National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, which continues to collaborate to help draft and pass each VAWA reauthorization.The enactment of VAWA 1994 culminated an effort begun in 1990 to draft and pass what became this landmark legislation.

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