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The online dating and singles scene in Vietnam is not nearly as well-developed as in neighbouring or comparable countries like the Philippines or Thailand but this in itself can be an advantage, considering that the ‘market’ is not saturated.ADR rates Vietnam Cupid a 3.5, a great site but with participation rate on the small side.

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Here you can find the best Vietnamese dating sites for dating with nice Vietnamese women.

Sign up for free on one or more of these Vietnamese dating sites, start dating and meet the Vietnamese love of your life.

Beside this, the members on paid sites often are more serious and scam is here less common.

After you met a nice Vietnamese woman on one of these dating sites, it will get time to meet her in real life.

I sent her a message and she responded with her email address.

We chatted for 4 months, I recently travelled to Saigon to meet her, and we fell very much in love.After you find a women you want to meet, you can contact her by sending a interest, a mail or you can chat with her directly when she is online.Vietnam Cupid is a reliable Vietnamese dating site, offering a big supply of women and usefull dating tools. Vietvibe is a smaller Vietnamese dating site, The Vietnamese women on this site are not only living in Vietnam, but also in other parts of the world.When you make your profile it is recommended to set your location at a place in Vietnam, because the system will look up for women in the neighborhood. This dating site contains very extensieve profile information and except searching for women using the search function you can also choose the slideshow where you show interest or deny the passing pictures of current members.Vietvibe is a good dating site to meet Vietnamese women inside and outside Vietnam, Sign up now and meet a beautiful Vietnamese lady!On this website you can find descriptions of the best Vietnamese dating sites and Asian dating sites where you can meet Vietnamese women.

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