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You can either download it or request to have it posted out to you. Continue reading Free copy of Cyclist magazine, the road cycling magazine. This free guide/booklet guides you around parts of the UK’s coastline listing information and photos.The magazine is dedicated to road cycling and contains the best routes and expert performance advise an dreviews of the gear you might need. The Coast booklet from The Open University matches up with the TV series Coast to acompany that. Continue reading Free copy of the “Free Lions” magazine guidebook to the World Cup in Brazil for England fans.There is also a free version that you can download instead if you also want to be extra …

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The passionate environmentalists say stop selling them altogether, while the pragmatists say make it as easy as you can for customers to use fewer plastic bottles. I tend towards the pragmatist end myself." He added that the trial of reusable bottles and taps in the selected shops was just the start of Pret trying to do more when it comes to packaging.

In August, London's Borough Market said it would be installing free drinking water fountains and phasing out sales of disposable plastic bottles in an aim to become the UK's largest food shopping spot that is plastic-free.

To claim your free copy of the BBC Top Gear magazine, simply fill out your name and telephone number and you will then be called to confirm your postal address. Continue reading Claim a free copy of BBC History magazine.

Enter your details and you will receive a call within 3 days to confirm your details and get your postal address so the latest free copy of BBC History magazine can be …

To get your free print copy fill oput your details.

The expected ship date for the book is in January During October there is the “Go Sober for October” month where people give up alcohol to help raise money for charity.

Continue reading Free “Give Nature a Home” guide from the RSPB.

Simply sign up or login with Facebook and you can request your free guide.

All the recipes are triple tested before inclusion by the Good Food cookery team so you can have new ideas on things to cook. Continue reading Get a free copy of Moneywise magazine.

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