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Social workers can play their part in facilitating such dialogue, especially those working at community level, but also those working with families, with colleagues in our work places, in professional forums, and, most importantly for this group today, in social work education.It is also imperative on social workers to take a strong stand on the fundamental importance of human rights, and against the weakening of human rights which is both implicit and explicit in anti-terrorism legislation, and in the actions of security forces.

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I will do so from the position of a privileged, western, white, English-speaking male, with all the consequent baggage, but also with a strong sense of unease and uncertainty about just how much people like me can still contribute to the world; we have made such a mess of it that we are going to have to learn a lot of humility, and then to change radically, if we are to stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution.

Social workers have played important roles in addressing a number of the major global issues that have dominated the internationalist agenda in the twentieth century, such as poverty and inequality, peace, human rights, race, HIV/AIDS and refugees, as well as more specific professional areas such as inter-country adoption.

CSWE is to be congratulated for honouring Terry Hokenstad in this way, but it has an even greater significance.

With the establishment of this lecture series, international social work might truly be said to have come of age; no longer merely a marginal area of interest to a relatively small number of educators and practitioners, it has moved to centre stage, with a keynote slot in CSWE Program Meetings.

It is also important to point out that the Middle East in its present form, with its current borders, is largely a creation of the western powers in the early 20th century, designed for their interests and their enrichment, rather than in the interests of the people who live there.

From this perspective, those of us who live comfortable lives in the predominantly Christian west are centrally implicated in the crisis in the Middle East, and in the advent of global terrorism.

Social work, as a human rights based profession, cannot stand by and accept this erosion of the rights of our fellow citizens, whether Muslim or not.

We really have more to fear from the responses to terrorism than we do from terrorism itself.

One cannot understand contemporary terrorism without understanding the historical background, and the sad fact is that in most western countries, including yours and mine, there is a profound ignorance of the history that had led to where we find ourselves today.

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