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We are running Exchange Server 2003 and SMTP on our single domain controller, which is quite powerful and seems to handle the other 1000 emails a day without incident.

We have a Net Gear FVS318 router/firewall with NAT and port 25 forwarding enabled from our spam filtering service's IP range.

validating sender-21

This error message is generated by Exchange and just relayed by POPcon.

With this SMTP error message Exchange is telling us that no new emails are accepted because the harddisk space is less than 4GB.

I really was just looking for anyone who understood exactly what error "421 Validating Sender" was actually refering to.

Frankly, the external organizations seem less than interested in trying to work with me to solve the problem, and instead prefer to point fingers. If you have some more info maybe we can understand more about this error.

The vast majority of email flows normally each day.

I suspect there is some connectivity issue between the sending and receiving SMTP servers, or somewhere along the way.

Emails from the same external sender and same internal recipient will be randomly bounced/delayed.

But the problem is only reported by a select few external senders/domains.

) with a 550 error code, it means that the receiving system could not deliver your email to the user to whom it was addressed because the mailbox is unavailable.

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