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Sometimes people are just trying to be funny, or they are literally trying to break your program.

How can I make the default "_ _ /_ _ /_ _", without having the dashes and slashes disappeared?

The above will attempt to convert the text entered into a date/time using c Date()If it fails the entry will be invalidated and the user is forced to stay in the textbox until they enter a valid date.

I'd recommend staying away from reflecting on the internal methods and properties of Framework classes.

This will future proof your code as much as possible and prepare you for any breaking changes down the road to the internals of the Framework.

With a message box, the e.cancel seems to be ignored and focus moves to the next control. Text Do you mean where it says "do some success stuff"?

We have tried putting the message box both before and after the cancel and get the same results. That just fills in other fields (item description and the like).

No, that's exactly what we are trying to do, but it's not working. I am, however, going to copy your version of it in its entirety to see if we've got a typo somewhere or some such thing. We (coincidentally) rebooted the development machine, and then this worked as originally written.

I'm not sure the signature on the sub routine is the same and will have to check that (it's not my project so somebody else has to check). I can't explain that, but thanks for your input and confirmation that the code should have worked!

LISTING 5.4 USING THE VALIDATE EVENT PROCEDURE Private Sub txt Age_Validate(Cancel As Boolean) If Not Is Numeric(txt Age.

I am using the validating and validated events, in conjunction with an error provider control. Validated event is then entered and error is reset to empty string. Watching in the debugger, this code is indeed invoked, and error is set ok.

Truly, Emad Public Class Form1 Private b Validate Text Box As Boolean = True Private Sub Button1_Mouse Enter(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Mouse Enter b Validate Text Box = False '// Disable Validation. Msg Box("Text Box Validation was Canceled") '// for testing. Validating If b Validate Text Box Then '// validating code here.

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