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That said Falcon loved the camaraderie and shenanigans as much as he loved formation flying. This is a good example of very eye catching paint scheme with a tastefully subtle interior. " When I installed Van's cabin heat selector box on my RV-8 firewall I saw two potential problems.

The first was routing the push-pull cable; with ground adjustable rudder pedals set full-forward I saw the potential for getting the top of a pedal caught behind the cable during brake actuation with rudder deflection; definitely NOT a good scenario.

Wednesday - March 28, 2018 Southwest Airlines rolls out the Red-Carpet for Montgomery High School (TX) ENP Students Montgomery high school PLTW Aerospace Engineering students are building a real airplane at their school, a 2-place Vans Aircraft RV-12, under a program developed and sponsored by Eagles Nest Projects.

Here is what Melissa and I would like to do to help out.

We would like to offer accommodations for two different 2 person parties who wish to book fishing trips with Adam.

Having to route the cable through the diverter was a pain, but it works without any interference.

Just wondering if any other RV-8 builders had similar thoughts. (dan) "We are having our banquet this weekend down in Georgetown.

They can come into our grass strip (OK18) on the lake the night before and either stay in the one bedroom apartment we have at the hangar, or if they prefer, they are welcome to pitch a tent and camp.

OK18 is a private strip with a "Land at your own Risk" policy, but if they have some time operating off of turf, coming in and out of OK18 should be no problem.

Also, Mark King, with GLO Custom is making us a really nice offer.

He has donated a number of certificates good for 00 off of a paint job" Runway finally dried out, winds were calm so no excuse not to fly it this morning, so I did!

Would you mind posting this on VAF for a day or two to try and get interest from some of the local folks?

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